Reseller/Dropship Program



1. Promote our products in your website/blog/facebook at your MARK UP price.

2. When you get orders from customers, check for stock availability in our website. Our stocks are live updates.

3. Once your customer comfirm the order, directly place an order at our website

4. Once your customer makes payment to you, you may proceed payment to us with the dropship price + postage.

5. We will send the items direct to your customers and Tracking Number will be given once packing is done

6. Only Agents are serious and interested will be appointed as our agent. Failure in sales for 2 month, the host name will be stripped as our Agent.

7. No Cancellation After Booking. 3 Time cancel and backout payer, the host name will be stripped as our Agent.

8. For the first registration, charge is FREE, but registration for the second time registration fee charges as Agent, payment of RM100 will be charged.

9. Aggreed , Please fill this  DROPSHIP FORM